Maximise your personal and professional potential by partnering with Chrissy in a thought-provoking, creative process.

Over Thinking

Constantly ‘thinking’ your way through life creates stress within you. For many of us this becomes a loop with no way out, potentially causing us to give up all hope and settle for a mediocre life.

Life does not happen to you. Life responds to you.

Thoughts create your energy signature and the quantum field responds.
For any change to be effective you need to work first on managing your thoughts.
What you think, you become.

Your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits – your life.

Moment by moment, choice by choice, you consciously design your future Self and the life you wish to live.

“May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears.” – Nelson Mandela.
Life coaching explores where you are in life and where you want to go. Your LIFE BY DESIGN coach is your bridge between the two.

Do you feel excited about your life?

Don’t live another moment in lack, disappointment, fear, or regret.
“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.” – Maya Angelou.

Its all about actions

Chrissy’s unique style of working and toolbox of techniques brings together many modalities. She teaches you how to experientially integrate these into your life to build a robust foundation for change through new routines and rituals.


Group workshops, online, or in-person, are an integral teaching tool in maximising concepts.

Energy Science

“The energy web is filled with energy and information, and contains within it unlimited possibilities of manifestation. Each of us can weave the web any time we choose and we can do this consciously, fully aware of what we are doing.” – John Kehoe, Quantum Warrior

We communicate with the quantum field via our own unique energy signature. This communication can only be coherent when total alignment exists between the head/thoughts, heart/feelings, and body/gut, the seat of action/doing. Coherence is the foundation for lasting change and transformation.

Life By Design Process

  1. Identify clear goal or outcome sought
  2. Identify presenting challenges and barriers
  3. Agree on actions to be taken
  4. Mentoring for accountability
  5. Support with techniques and resources for success
  6. Desired results achieved

“I am so unbelievably grateful that our paths crossed. Where would I be without you? At that stage in my life there were many thoughts and feelings going through me and most of them not very positive. ‘Is this all that life has to give me?’ This was a question I would ask myself often. Feelings of anxiety were a common factor in my life and I simply did not feel happy.

Those feelings seem a lot clearer now however at the time I felt stuck. I did not know how to fix myself, which way to turn. Spaghetti brain was an understatement. Chrissy, how blessed am I to have met you. You were able to professionally and positively guide me in identifying areas in my life that I needed to work on in order to get my life back on track. You were able to untangle that spaghetti brain and gave me the tools not only to gain clarity but to aid me to succeed and stay on track for the future. You have been such a mentor, motivator, confidant and led me through this journey with such passion and belief.”

– Lexi


  • Let’s Find Out
    • 30 minute free online or in-person chat
    • Call me to book a time, and see if we’re the right fit
    • In-person, online, or phone
    • What is your why and level of motivation?
    • Plus, you get to ask me questions too … anything!
  • Tell me more
    • 1 hour 15 minute session. $150
    • Useful if you are aware you have particular blocks
    • Would like feedback and to experience a supportive technique?
    • Or simply need coaching to re-frame or re-direct yourself?
  • Step Forward
    • 4x 1 hour sessions over 4-6 weeks. $450
    • You will identify blocks or beliefs potentially holding you back
    • Start shifting them
    • Learn new techniques to embed changes
    • Begin to incorporate new routines/habits to replace outdated ones
    • Support available via WhatsApp during business hours
  • Change Maker
    • 6x 1 hour sessions over 6-10 weeks. $650
    • You will experience a deepening of your relationship with your Self
    • Deeper understanding of and awareness of how and why you have created your current reality
    • Support available via WhatsApp during business hours
  • Transformation
    • 8x 1 hour session over 3 months. $990
    • Plus 2x 1 hour FREE sessions to be taken over the following six months
    • A new mindset is embedding. You feel the difference, and are achieving the goals you identified in the first session.
    • The life you designed is now a reality for you
    • Support available via WhatsApp during business hours.

10% discount will apply when paying in full.

All sessions +30 minutes to prep & email a review of the session for your reference.

Disclaimer: Each person is a unique individual. Results will vary and cannot be guaranteed.