Chrissy’s vision is that YOU realise how magnificent and powerful you are.

In the beginning

During her pursuit of the answers to some of life’s most intriguing questions, Chrissy became curious and started to ask some big questions. What is life all about – are we born just to get to the end in one piece and then die? What is spirituality? And does it matter? What have my emotions got to do with anything? The list went on, initiating a journey to find solutions for herself, answers that might bring peace to her psyche.

What a fun filled experience it became; studying the psychology of human behaviour and mindsets, reading books, attending workshops, meeting mentors, gaining qualifications, and up-skilling when it felt relevant.

Your coach

Chrissy now brings this body of learning and considerable life experience to her coaching. With her LIFE BY DESIGN processes and accountability she mentors clients to feel excited about their lives again, to actively create the life they wish to live.

My mission

Is to inspire you to find your path, to see you jump into the flow of an amazing and fulfilling life that is yours to claim. To understand and trust that your intuition, the messenger of the Soul, has the information, and answers.

Having worked in her business indirectly as a coach with thousands of women over 30+ years, Chrissy now offers one-to-one sessions to empower YOU to maximise YOUR potential.

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“I recently did some work with Chrissy, and it was very profound, what we discovered together with her by my side. I felt very supported and empowered, and gained a lot of clarity on an area of my life that I was self sabotaging. Chrissy helped me ground in to what was true, and really gave me my power back. So I highly recommend working with Chrissy, and I look forward to doing work with her in the future.”

– Sanja G, Hairstylist